About Us

Urban Health was born through a love of healthy, nutritious food and an active lifestyle. The concept was created by married couple Dee & Darragh Buckley and first opened it’s doors in 2014. The original idea was created due to a lack of healthy, nutritious, grab-and-go food at that time in Dublin. However our ethos is about more than just food, it’s about living a healthy life in every aspect – combining nutritious food, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Having met and lived in Australia for over two years, Dee and Darragh returned to Ireland in 2010. Missing the healthy food and lifestyle options Sydney had to offer they immediately saw a gap in the market for a healthy salad and juice bar offering a range of popular health food products.

As a 500hr RYS yoga instructor, Dee has always had a keen interest in nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle. She has completed many courses in diet and nutrition and believes that putting good quality, nutrient dense food into your body reflects in every aspect of your life, especially in energy levels and mood.

Over the last 2 years Urban Health has expanded as a brand, now offering a full brunch menu 7 days a week, providing corporate wellness packages and supplying many Dublin offices with our range of juices, salads and healthy treats. As a small business, we believe in supporting other small businesses and stock a variety of Irish products. Our suppliers are Irish and our ingredients are sourced locally where possible. We provide Irish, organic meats and salmon as part of our daily brunch menu. We believe in offering good quality produce at a high standard and are continually creating new concepts and ideas.

In 2016 we opened Urban Space – a yoga and Pilates studio above our store running a variety of classes. This has been a huge factor in bringing together the original concept of Urban Health as a lifestyle choice combining mind, body and soul. As we continue to grow our regular customers have become part of our family and it is due to their continued support that we are where we are today.