Am I allowed water or tea?

Of course! You need to always add as much liquids as possible. You need to finish your daily cleanse by 9pm so you aren’t up all night visiting the lavatory and disturbing your sleep. For best results Coconut water, and herbal decaf tea’s are strongly recommended.



Can I not eat at all during the cleanse?

You can just try to have all your juices and soups consumed first. The first day is the hardest so if you must eat, try something small like nuts or boiled eggs. If you do have an unexpectedly busy week in work, training, etc, and you find yourself struggling a little, it’s best to have a small meal, again eggs, fresh salad, baked fish, avocados or bananas are ideal.


Will the weight jump back on as soon as I start to eat again?

No once you ensure to gradually introduce solid food back into your digestion. Be mindful that, based our your diet before the cleanse, your salivation glands maybe hyperactive once they taste solid food again, so for some people it maybe tempting to over indulge. This is the part of the diet that takes true discipline. When you do start to eat solids again make sure to digest your meal slowly and take regular breaks in between bits. Your stomach may have shrunk over the course of the diet, which for most people is a good thing, so make sure to eat small meals for the first few days.

What preparation should I do before and after the cleanse?

This is area is really vital to ensure a smooth transition on your cleanse. Ideally no alcohol 7 days before you start, and no processed food 3 days before you start (or at all ideally). Keep your training routine up as much as possible, but again use your common sense and listen to your body and your energy levels. When you finish the cleanse, your stomach will have shrunk naturally, so try stay away from processed food, starchy carbs (bread, biscuits, chips) and try to consume soups, salads, bananas, eggs into your diet routine for the following 5-7 days.


Am I allowed to drink coffee?

Preferably not, or if you really must you can make it a decaf coffee. You can also try herbal teas, Decaf Green, white tea, Matcha or Rooibos tea. Also coconut water, and regular filtered water is strongly advised but definitely no fizzy drinks or caffeine if you can.

There is no fiber in this diet

In fact there is, because we blend a lot of the ingredients like, Broccoli, Avocado and Pineapple, which maintains the fiber and nutrients in the ingredients.

There is no protein or carbs in this diet

Avocado, Brocoli, Spinach and most importantly Spirulina is packed with 65% of lean protein.


NB ** Please be advised:

Juicing is not for everyone. Check with your health care provider first, especially people who are pregnant, under-weight, diabetic, have unstable heart disease or low blood pressure, or who have life-threatening health challenges.